VocalEyes empowers University and College students to express their ideas continuously and collectively, participating as active citizens of their learning institution and generating their own ideas. On a real time platform, campuses divided by geography and students numbering in the thousands, present no obstacle to engagement.

  • Students, Union representatives and staff can collaboratively discuss ideas, resolve issues and action priorities, to take the student experience to a whole new level.
  • Gather evidence of student engagement.
  • Provide a fun, easy-to-use digital platform.
  • Systematically turn popular ideas into positive action.

UWTSD’s Student Union used VocalEyes to measurably increase its NSS rating, achieving its highest ever increase to date in 2014.

“When I take a report with hundreds of students saying they want this and why. They can’t argue with it and that massively helps the campaign.”

Beth Thomas, former UWTSD Student Union President

We are currently working with UWTSD, Canterbury College HE & Pembrokeshire College HE as well as many colleges of Further Education..

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Student Union Offer – If you purchase VocalEyes to enhance your student voice and then organise for VocalEyes to pitch its use as a Staff Voice tool to the university executive, then the Student Union will receive *FREE training credits as a thank you.